TH;INC Beautiful Data

 TechHub @ Campus

 28 May 2013
From 13:30 To 23:30

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This is the first in our new TH;INC series (TechHub; Inform, Network, Create) and we're really looking forward to it. The first is focusing on data...


The Big Stuff.

The Scientific Stuff.

The Beautiful Stuff.


What's all the fuss about when it comes to the stuff? What is open data? Should I care about it? Is it really that useful if data's not the main focus of my business? What more can I do with it if it is?

Come to an evening at TechHub HQ to participate in a range of sessions exploring all things data. It's for everyone interested in the current hot topic of data. Whether you're a big data experts, or a data newbie wanting to work out what to do with yours, there'll be a session for you. Here's some of the experts you'll be hearing from: How can you better market to potential customers, or the ones you already have? What can your brand learn from properly analysing the language your customers use? Hear the team talk about how they use data to extract actionable, meaningful insight from the digital conversation assets they have. What's a "digital conversation asset"? Come along and find out - you may not even realise you have them!

Brendan Dawes, the artist commissioned by EE to turn Twitter data into art. How can you take thousands of pieces of information and make them beautiful? Turn data into a statement. How can you maximise the effect of big data, while at the same time keeping your costs low? By using a platform which democratises that data by simplifying the extraction process and allowing you to turn the whole web into a database. Hear the team explain how this can work for you. We've all seen infographics, right? They make data easier to understand or compare - or at the very least, much more eye-catching! Find out how to create your own infographics the easy way. These guys will talk us through how to illustrate, download, edit and share your precious and valuable data and make graphics you can use to enliven your blog and presentations. Try using infographics to help you communicate your message to the press - instead of sending a standard press release to a journalist, how about a big, serious fact, backed up by your data to hit them between the eyes?

Peer Index The influence graph: Gaining insight into your community.

Supernode > I hate computers*: why the way we interact with data has to change. As long as we're talking about csv, xml and xls, Supernode thinks we'll be stuck in the past. Hear how they're inventing new ways to work with data that open the door to a brave new world.

High Street Labs Getting value from your data. Richard Russell, who has worked on data partnerships at Google Maps, will talk all about data big and small: when to keep it, when to sell it, and when to give it away.

Forward3D One of the biggest challenges facing data driven businesses is developing a robust and cost-effective data flow. Further, how can we extract the actionable insight from the data we store? This session will communicate solutions for storage and sophisticated analysis, using low cost and open source technology.

So find out more about data, and come and talk about what you do with yours, and how you do it!

*Note: TechHub does not share or condone the hating of computers! But we are inclusive. And intrigued!


1.30pm Doors

2.00pm Sessions 1 & 2

4.00pm Coffee Break

4.20pm Sessions 3 & 4

6.00pm Break for Dinner

7.00pm Drinks, Networking and fun provided by Digital Dumbo. Sign up here

Hashtag for this event is 'ThincData'

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