VC Funding Debate

 TechHub @ Campus

 16 April 2013
From 18:30 To 21:00

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Do you think VC funding is over-rated? Or would your company be nowhere without it? Have you had an easier time crowd funding?

Unless you're a marketing-savvy developer with an eye for a niche and a ridiculous list of people that owe you a favour, chances are your startup is spending money. Deciding which route to go down when looking for funding can be confusing, and is obviously a huge decision for any entrepreneur.

We're hosting a debate that focuses on the traditional venture capitalist funding versus the alternatives. VC funding typically comes with a knowledgable and well connected individual/group of individuals that other routes won't inherently offer. Those same people can also provide invaluable buckets-of-cold-water-objectivity on a business and it's potential success. That said, those same people can have different intentions, motives and ideologies to the entrepreneur, and a clash of egos can seriously harm a fledgling company's chances.

Read the rest of this blog post here, and book yourself a ticket to hear what VC's and Crowdfunding platforms have to say on the subject.

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