You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours...

 TechHub @ Campus

 30 April 2013
From 17:00 To 21:00

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This unique event is to introduce you to the skilled people you need, who in return need you...

Whatever you are, whatever you're looking for, this super networking event can help connect you to the people & contacts you need!

Heard of the 'six degrees of separation' theory? We've seen it at TechHub and we want to help you replicate it at super-speeds!

Developer who needs a Social Media Guru? Graphic designer who needs a copywriter? Illustrator who needs a web-designer? App developer who needs a filmmaker?

This event is for YOU!

AND GUESS WHAT... you lucky thing, you've stumbled across this event page at exactly the right time... the next batch of tickets have 50% off, so just use promo code: TT50 when booking!

If you are an Ideas Tap member, you can sign up for this event for free!

Event Details;

5:00 - Doors open, come in, grab a beer.

5:30 - What do you need? Each attendee will be asked to fill out a template form, stating who and what they are looking for, and whether or not they have skills they can offer in return. These will them be displayed around the room.

5:45 - Lightening Talk - Networking for Business Success, by Bindi Karia. Voted 6th most connected woman in the UK, Bindi has a wealth of experience and top tips to share. Here's a great article on her recent move from Microsoft to SVB.

Bindi Karia 2

6:00 - 'You are never further than 6 people away from the contact you need' - a networking exercise that uses the people in the room to get the contacts you need. Sometimes known as speed-pledging, this excercise can get the to the people you need to get to almost instantly, and with an introduction from someone you've met... no need for cold-calling!

7:00 - Lightening Talk on using yourself as a commodity, using your skills as credit speaker TBC.

7:15 - 'Let's get you connected' - browse the skills and contacts in the room, can you offer them the skills they are looking for? Do you need what they have to offer?

8:00 - Super-speed-networking for just 15 minutes... ensuring the networking session kicks off in style.

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